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Breast Cancer

Breast Health

Cancer Risk Assessment & Genetic Testing

Hernia Repair

Gallbladder Disease

Colorectal Health

Colonoscopy + Endoscopy

Melanoma + Skin Cancers

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About Dr Alexis Alexandridis



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New Patients:

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What is a General Surgeon?

A general surgeon is a highly-trained specialist whose area of expertise spans nearly the entire body and who can provide surgical care for a wide range of common conditions.

Cancer, hernias, infectious and inflammatory conditions, disorders of the GI tract, soft tissue diseases, breast conditions, trauma, critical care, endoscopy and is all under the umbrella of the general surgery.

Alexis Alexandridis MD MBA FACS is the only full-time general surgeon practicing exclusively in Sonoma, California. In June 2024, Dr Alexandridis and Dr Sabrina Kidd joined Sonoma Valley Speciality Clinic.

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