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8/30/2021. Delta is here...

Not too much new to report, but just a reminder to get vaccinated if you haven't already; mask up when out and about; avoid the crowds; choose tele-health and online services when you can. We can do this!!


As a reminder, our reception area is a bit more "open" but we continue to keep the flow of patients moving so there isn't much need to wait around. Online forms help keep the flow moving. Telehealth visits are also really convenient!


Some elective procedures, like colonoscopy, are being scheduled 6-8 weeks out at this point, so don't delay. As we approach the end of the year, the OR gets really plan ahead!


COVID testing is also back: SVH will arrange no-cost pre-op screening tests for COVID for all patients. You will need a negative test to be admitted for your scheduled procedure. 

Stay safe, my friends.

Dr Alexis

6/11/2021.  Things are looking up! 

Here is the latest UPDATE:

We are seeing many more patients in the office while still keeping many appointments virtual. The pandemic has certainly helped move many practices into the 21st century, and we are happy that we got the nudge. Furthermore, paperless intake has helped tremendously with streamlining our medical records.  I'm constantly on the lookout for more ways to decrease our paper usage. 

The reception area is a bit more "open" but we continue to keep the flow of patients moving so there isn't much need to wait around. 


Some elective procedures, like colonoscopy, are still being booked 6-8 weeks out at this point, so don't delay if you find yourself in a time-crunch. I also am taking a short break in August to spend some uninterrupted quality time with my family; Sayra and Kirsten will be taking a well-deserved break then, too.

be well,

dr alexis

3/17/2021. It's been quite a year to say the least. 

We have settled into a new-normal here: I am seeing many patients over telehealth or by phone (so convenient!) and we are still limiting office visits to those patients who need to come in.  The waiting room remains closed to "traffic" and we encourage everyone to keep physically distancing to limit exposures.  Doing your intake online helps us prevent congestion in the office and really streamlines our process, so thank you in advance.


Surgery and scopes at Sonoma Valley Hospital are still rolling right along and my schedule for elective procedures is booked out at least 6 weeks right now. Routine pre-op COVID-19 testing is still our policy, even if you have received a vaccine. 

If you are in need of medical care, don't delay!

The entire medical community in Sonoma is ready, willing and able to serve. ​


And, when it's your turn, get your vaccine.  Please.

Lastly, now that the county is no longer in the PURPLE TIER, I feel that we are safe to resume in-person skincare sessions for aesthetics at The Skin Clinic. We will screen each client's temperature, symptoms, and exposures prior to starting and will take all of the recommended precautions during the treatment session. 

Be well,

dr alexis

12/4/20. Here we go again!

On the verge of a renewed Shelter-In-Place Order, time to review our office COVID policies.

First and foremost, the office is CLOSED unless you have an appointment.

The doctor will let you in at your appointment time and let you out when your appointment is finished.

Finish your "paperwork" ahead of time online (see the Forms page).

Please maintain physical distancing.

Wear your mask.

Reschedule if you are feeling sick.

Telehealth visits are available for many (but not all) patients, and they are very convenient. 

Let's stay healthy, Sonoma!

//dr alexis


Due to heightened COVID-19 precautions, the waiting room is CLOSED.

Most visits are being conducted VIRTUALLY at

If you have an in-person visit, the doctor will let you in directly at your scheduled appointment time. Please have your intake completed and bring your insurance/healthplan information. 

//dr a



Now that we are able to start scheduling procedures and operations, I wanted to share some info.
First, ELECTIVE SURGERY actually just means SCHEDULED SURGERY. This can vary from surgery that needs to happen in the next 24-48 hours, to surgery that is not critical to maintaining health.
Next, we MUST remain vigilant. The coronavirus is here and it doesn’t care that you may be bored. It’s not going away anytime soon.
In order to get our community’s non-emergent health needs addressed, we need to SMARTLY and SAFELY develop a new way to take care of our patients.
Using tele-health technology has been amazing, but doesn’t work for all of my patients. We are carefully opening up for in-person visits with social distancing strictly enforced: Mask on, keep your distance, no visitors, and lots of disinfecting.
All patients who will be having a procedure at Sonoma Valley Hospital will be referred for COVID-19 testing prior to their procedure. All patients must have a negative result prior to being admitted. This is for everyone’s safety.
Furthermore, we are working through the list of patients that had elective procedures cancelled because of the initial closure of the ORs. This takes time. We appreciate your patience.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us.

-Dr Alexis

Great to have this professional join our home-town community- she is so friendly, social and kind, she fits right in!

Patient, Sonoma

Dr. Alexis made me feel confident about my upcoming surgery and I truly felt that everything was under control and would turn out well. In my situation, I met her at the office and then met her at the hospital for surgery only hours later. Start to finish, I really felt that I had an excellent experience.

Patient, Sonoma