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What is a General Surgeon?

A general surgeon is a highly-trained specialist whose area of expertise spans nearly the entire body and who can provide surgical care for a wide range of common conditions.

Cancer, hernias, infectious and inflammatory conditions, disorders of the GI tract, soft tissue diseases, breast conditions, trauma, critical care, endoscopy and is all under the umbrella of the general surgery.

Alexis Alexandridis MD MBA FACS is the only full-time general surgeon practicing exclusively in Sonoma, California. 

Image by Piron Guillaume


Great to have this professional join our home-town community- she is so friendly, social and kind, she fits right in!   

Patient, Sonoma, 2019

Dr. Alexis made me feel confident about my upcoming surgery and I truly felt that everything was under control and would turn out well. In my situation, I met her at the office and then met her at the hospital for surgery only hours later. Start to finish, I really felt that I had an excellent experience. 


Patient, Sonoma, 2019

What did you like the best:

The sheer humanity, intelligence, professionalism, and humor with which Dr. Alexandridis approaches some of the most difficult illnesses and surgeries there are. This is the doctor you wish was the model for all your physicians...she is respected and liked by her patients, peers, and colleagues because she's earned her standing.

How to improve:

Find a cure for cancer that doesn't involve cutting off body parts and poisoning people. However, if you must have one of the frightening surgeries in her specialties, this is the surgeon you want.

Would you recommend Dr A:    Yes

Anything more to add:

My medical situation was complicated with three other co-morbidities BEFORE breast cancer and Dr. Alexandridis was the first physician in my experience to take ALL extenuating circumstances under consideration. Her surgical skill—with a rapidly growing, lymph-involved tumor to which she adapted IN the surgery—saved my life and made it possible for me to move to chemotherapy at Queen of the Valley, where they also acknowledged her excellent work.     


 Deb, Sonoma, 2021

Overall rating: Excellent

What did you like best: Dr. Alexis... positive and calmed me down immediately with my colonoscopy procedure!

Would you recommend us: Yes

Anything to add: Glad I did it!

Patient, Sonoma, 2022

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