Dr Alexis offers a wide range of surgical services


Helpful Information

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes for your appointment.

  • Fill out your INTAKE forms ONLINE before you arrive. This allows the doctor more time to discuss your care plan!

  • Children are welcome, but we don't have a babysitter for them.

  • If you have a telehealth doxy.me appointment, just click the link at your appointment time to enter the virtual waiting room. The doctor will be with you shortly. 

  • Breast cancer surgery

    • Lumpectomy​

    • Mastectomy

    • Nipple or skin sparing​ mastectomy

    • Lymph node procedures​

  • Counseling and testing for genetic breast cancer syndromes

  • Consultation for Personalized Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (see below)

  • Benign breast disease, like fibroadenomas

  • Breast Pain

  • Mastitis and breast infections​

  • Port placement for venous access for chemotherapy 

  • Hernia repair, including laparoscopic repair

  • Gallbladder disease

  • Melanoma and other skin cancer surgery

  • Endoscopy (Upper GI tract evaluation)

  • Colonoscopy (Screening and Diagnostic)

  • Medical Aesthetics + Skin Care.

 Personalized Breast Cancer Risk Assessment  This is a 45-60 minute appointment for consultation and examination; it may or may not be covered by your health insurance plan.  Your entire family history and your personal breast cancer risk factors will be analyzed to give you an accurate assessment of your lifetime risk of developing breast cancer.  Plus, we will review what steps you can take to lower that risk and my recommendations for breast cancer screening.