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An exciting announcement!

Anyone who has visited my office here on Perkins Street knows that its a lovely space, but it is too big for my surgery practice alone. As luck (or perhaps fate?) would have it, I have found THE perfect roommate!

​I'm thrilled to announce that Cancer Support Sonoma will be joining me here and carrying on their mission of providing complementary therapies, like acupuncture, oncology massage, lymphatic massage, jin shin jyutsu (which is Japanese acupressure), and more, to anyone fighting and surviving cancer and cancer therapy. In addition, they provide a support network for the community at large and a place for folks to network, find support, and just relax.

I'm so excited just to be able to be in close proximity to this important work. The Valley desperately needs services like this and I can't wait to tell my patients they won't have to travel much further than across the lobby to explore options for oncology massage, acupuncture, and group support. They are always looking for help in the ​​form of donations or volunteer hours so that they can accomplish their mission.

You can learn more about Cancer Support Sonoma by visiting their website at Or, drop on by. We love the company. Have an espresso and visit the library. We are building a supportive space that's not your traditional stuffy old doctor's office. We are building relationships. We are building community. /aa

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