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Medial Aesthetics for All

Medical Aesthetics with Dr Alexis

Dr Alexis Alexandridis is a board-certified General Surgeon in Sonoma, California.  She has a professional interest in holistic approaches to healthcare. Dr Alexis offers high-quality, safe medical aesthetics and skin care services in her Sonoma clinic. With these services, she is able to help her patients and clients feel confident and empowered in their natural skin. 

This is a no shaming + no judgement zone.  All are welcome.  

Embrace your Transformation


services + procedures

Doctor Checking a Form


This is a 15 minute visit to outline your skin concerns, learn about your medical history and then customize your treatment plan.


Varies.  Let's get to know your skin!


15 minutes


Some patients with certain medical histories will not be good candidates for the various treatments.  We will work together to come up with a plan that will safely address your skin concerns.



This will be credited towards your purchase of products or services made within 30 days.

microneedling collage induction therapy

Collagen Induction Therapy/ Microneedling

Also known as Microneedling, CIT is an effective way to improve texture by inducing new collagen and elastin formation in the dermis.  Thousands of tiny skin punctures allow for deep penetration of growth factor serums and hyaluronic acid, a major component of the dermal extracellular matrix.  Safer and more effective than what can be accomplished with a rolling needle device, the MDPen Microneedle system has adjustable and consistent depth and the most powerful motor on the market.  The procedure is done in a sterile fashion to reduce the risk of infection and inflammation that will impede the formation of new collagen.  Microneedling sessions in a medical setting are far more effective than home needle rollers which are dull, not sterile, and give unpredictable skin puncture depth.

For more information, please review Dr Alexis' "Informed Consent and Instructions" for Microneedling


Fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, rough texture, mild laxity, hyper-pigmentation and age spots, mild nonpustular rosacea, hypertrophic surgical scars older than six months, thinning hair


30-60 minutes per session.  


4-6 sessions spaced out 6-8 weeks for most indications.


Not for anyone with bleeding disorders, active infections, collagen vascular disease, history of keloid scar formation, especially on the palms/soles.



Post-procedure serums available at a discount with all microneedling sessions

Cosmetics Bottles

Chemical Peels

Dr Alexis is proud to offer a variety of personalized chemical peels to target what your skin needs and wants, be it overall reduction of visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, sensitivity, or acne. Featuring ZO Skin Health and PCA SKIN peels, we can stimulate cellular turnover, knock out fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin tone, texture and clarity, lift hyperpigmentation, reduce breakouts, correct sun damage, and more, all in less than 60 minutes.

With a number of different options in depth and activity, we can find the best option to meet your skin's needs.

Some peels will cause flaking and sheeting with some downtime (usually 3-7 days) but many peels will not. 

The Peel Menu

(current as of 3-17-21)

  • PCASkin SensiPeel |  $125

    • Fitzpatrick types I – VI
      Improves all skin conditions, including rosacea and acne


        • 12% lactic acid, 6% TCA, Alpha-lipoic acid, Emblica, Silymarin

    • Well-tolerated, mildly active sensation during application
    • ​Add-on LED light therapy to this superficial depth peel!  |  $30

  • PCASkin UltraPeel ​​​ |  $125

    • Fitzpatrick types I – V
      Improves aging skin, adult acne, texture

        • 24% lactic acid, 10% TCA, Alpha-lipoic acid, Emblica, Silymarin​

        • Add-on Retinol Treatment Booster

    • Mild-moderate active sensation during application

  • PCASkin PCA Peel with HQ ​​​ |  $125

    • Fitzpatrick types I – IV
      Reduces breakouts, improves hyperpigmentation especially from acne scarring; hydrating

        • 14% lactic acid, 14% salicylic acid, 1% citric acid, 3% kojic acid, 2% hydroquinone

        • Add-on Retinol Treatment Booster

    • Mild-moderate active sensation during application​

  • ZO 3-Step Peel  |  $250​​​

    • Fitzpatrick I-V

    • Improves acne, melasma, sun damage, fine lines, texture roughness, large pores, and dullness. Suppresses post-procedure skin inflammation


        • 17% salicylic acid, 10% TCA, 5% lactic acid

        • 6% concentrated retinol (including a packet for home use the day after treatment)

        • Colloidal oatmeal 1% creme (including tube for home use for one week after treatment)

    • Very active sensation during first step of peel, calms down significantly during retinol step. ​

  • ZO Stimulator Peel  |  $125

    • Fitzpatrick I-VI​

    • a.k.a. the "lunchtime peel". No downtime, no flaking. For all skin types and concerns.


        • lactic acid: slough away dead skin cells

        • citric acid: healthy glow

        • glycolic acid: improve cell turnover

    • Well-tolerated, minimal active sensation during application​

    • Add-on LED light therapy to this superficial depth peel  |  $30

For more information, review Dr Alexis' "Informed Consent and Instructions" for Peels.


Texture, fine lines, poor tone, dullness, loss of vitality, dry flakes, milia (small white papules), need for 60 minutes of uninterrupted quiet time 


45-60 minutes per session.  


Not for those with active infections, sunburn, or extremely sensitive skin.

Some peels require pre-conditioning with retinol.

Some peels are not appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI.


$125 -$250

Post-procedure serums available at a discount with all peels.

Drug and Syringe

Botox Cosmetic

Fine lines and wrinkles can be improved with careful injection of the botulinum a toxin which causes temporary paralysis of the injected facial muscles.  With some planning and consideration of the areas of maximal muscle contraction, we can reduce the appearance of wrinkles while allowing you to maintain your natural facial expressions and personality.  For more information, review: Informed Consent and Post-injection Instructions.


Fine lines and wrinkles of the frontalis (forehead), the glabella (furrowed brows or the 11's), and the orbicularis oculi (the crow's feet).  Other "off-label" uses can be discussed. 


15-30 minutes per session.  


More than one session may be required.

Typically, treatment will need to be repeated in 3-6 months


Not for those with active infections, collagen vascular disease, allergies to Botox or other neurotoxins, ALS/Lou Gehrig Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Myasthenia Gravis, or other neurologic conditions.


$16 per unit.


Number of units varies, but average 20-40 units.

Strong Woman

Axillary Hyperhidrosis Therapy

Excessive underarm sweating: ruined shirts, uncomfortable events, anxiety about lifting your arms, sticky antiperspirants.  There is nothing good about it!  Luckily, there is actually a safe and effective way to block the production of sweat from the apocrine glands in the skin of the underarm area: Botox.

For more information, review: Informed Consent and Post-injection Instructions.


Excessive underarm sweating, not responsive to topical treatments


30 minutes per session


Effects can last between 4 to 12 months


Not for those with bleeding or clotting disorders, active infections, collagen vascular disease, allergies to Botox or other neurotoxins.



Image by Evan Smogor

LED Light Therapy

NASA is responsible for more than TANG, moon landings, and space exploration: they developed LED lights to grow plants in space, and now we use that technology for skinhealth! LED light in specific wavelengths can treat acne, diminish inflammation, and reduce signs of aging. It can promote healing and reduce pain, as well. Thank you, Science! It is non-invasive and there is no downtime. It can be a stand alone treatment or an add-on treatment after certain in-office procedures (superficial peels or microneedling.) 


Acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, inflammation, scarring, poor tone, impaired wound healing


20 minutes per session (Light Therapy alone)


+10-20 minutes (if add on to another treatment)

Best effects are seen after 10 sessions, spaced every week


Not for those on Accutane or other oral Vit A based medications; prior sensitivity to LED light therapy


$40 per session, package of 10 sessions for $300. 

Add on to other treatments, $30

potions & products


The best sun protection products on the market. Period. Loved and recommended by so many.  Available in authorized physician offices.  Get the perfect sun protection, suited to you and your family's personalized needs.


ZO Skin Health is a leader in care products and treatments for all skin types. 
Available only in authorized physician offices,
or online thru THIS Portal.


PCA SKIN formulations are effective, holistic, and affordable. 


Industry leader in chemical peels and other in-office treatments


For Skin of all Ages, tones, & types

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